Vilma Gold

Shahin Afrassiabi

11 Jul – 11 Aug 2002

  • . Shahin Afrassiabi
  • . Shahin Afrassiabi
  • Afrassiabi’s display works’ are informal constructions that resemble commercial displays – utilitarian objects, building and decorating materials are casually combined by placing leaning and propping. At times these elements retain their untapped practical potential – an unplugged table lamp, or cooking oil left in its original packaging– whilst at others they are exposed true to their intended function – wallpaper pasted to the wall. The title of each work is a combination of ‘Display’ coupled with a factual description of one or two of the included elements. An example of this can be seen in ‘Shelf Display with Toby Jug (Head of a Man)’, 2002, which consists of plaster board sample, lamp, packaged shelf, brackets, rolled wallpaper, Toby jug and fake wood plastic finishing profile with price tag. Here the shelf functions normally by supporting the remaining objects whose utilitarian employment stay untouched.

    The suite of untitled drawings are a selection from a larger body that juxtapose pencil drawings of abstract structures with collaged sections taken from mail order catalogues and interior magazines.

    ‘Demolition Doll Rods’, 2002, is an 18-minute documentary video of the Detroit band playing live in London. The video concentrates primarily on the band setting up rather than their live performance and continues Afrassiabi’s interest in theatricality through methods of animate and inanimate display.

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