Vilma Gold

Markus Vater

06 Jun – 30 Jun 2002

  • . Markus Vater
  • Long live good ideas and Catholicism, pittura metaphisica, minimalism and consciousness’ Also the invisible smell of darkness and the other side of the mirror ! Where do images come from and where do they settle ? What’s their purpose? Do they make our willies stiff? Are they alive? Are they projections, reflections, constructions. Can they change the world? Are they in the world? Where do they appear ? Are their source the dream, the television, the memory, the idea, the teacher, the desire, the voodoo, the hype, the envy, the premonition? What are they good for? Do animals see them? Are they marking the border between two consciousness? Are they breaking down the border between inside and outside? Can you stand in front of them? Do they make us cry? Are they chemical? Who knows?!

    Vilma Gold is pleased to present the first UK solo exhibition of work by Markus Vater comprising of new paintings, text work and a video compilation. Similar to his previous presentations the exhibition collides together a plethora of painterly styles and genres from cartoons to graphic portraiture resulting in a conflicting catalogue of the artists’ position today. The exhibitions central work is a large scale figurative painting titled ‘Bedroom Wall’. Other works include ‘Inside Pamela Anderson’ and ‘Inside George Bush’ that are literally portraiture turned inside out.

    Markus Vater lives and works in London. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2000 he has had solo exhibitions at SITE, Sies + Hoeke Galerie, Escale, all in Dusseldorf. As well as numerous group exhibitions (TimothyTaylor, London, Essor, London.London PrintStudio). He is a founder member of the collaborative group hobbypopMuseum who have exhibited at Vilma Gold, London, New Langton Arts, San Francisco, Robinson Biggs, New York and the Kunstverein Dusseldorf.

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