Vilma Gold

Colin Lowe and Roddy Thomson

The Pain Insider

14 Feb – 17 Mar 2002

  • . The Pain Insider
, Colin Lowe and Roddy Thomson
  • The meaning of the object depends upon the power that seizes it, like cultural lego.
    Artists that appear radical (the veneer of the new) become Capitalists with a creative bent.
    In God’s big forest of snags the chrysalis of a beautiful butterfly has a wallet thrown at it.
    The 50% knife is sharpened, stuck through your brand new Armani suit and twisted.
    The blood runs clearer than your conscience.
    Put it this way, clots of jealousy.
    haemorrhaging from a gout pilled peer group.
    R.S.I of hypocritical fawning.
    The sensory desperation of near sighted gloom.
    Air kisses of the embittered talentless.
    Producing S.T.D of the intellect
    (and that’s just the private view).

    to the new amphitheater of
    clay minded
    half hearted
    paralysingly dull
    concretely smug
    proto selfish
    intellectual dishwashers


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