Vilma Gold

Andreas 'Elvis' Schlaegel

Project Space

08 Dec – 15 Dec 2002

  • Berlin-based Andreas Schlaegel presents an achievable lifestyle elite. Influenced by high-class German design, the affordable luxury of TV commercials, and mass-market individuality of Ikea culture, Schlaegel’s great expectations are inherently flawed. Previously shown in London in the Saatchi Gallery’s New Labour exhibition, his DIY interior décor reinvented status symbol trendiness with kitchen sponges, toilet paper, quick-dry cement, and good old-fashioned deep fried chips. For his show at Vilma Gold, Schlaegel tackles lad-ism full on. Nothing’s more stag weekend dreamy than snarling yob verbal abuse, a classic camping trip wank-fest, topped off with a Vegas raunchy Elvis impersonation. It’s hairy-chest baseness made FHM desirable. Hear him roar.

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