Charles Atlas

  • You are My Sister (TURNING), 2014, Times Sqaure, New York, Installation view

  • Vilma Gold, 2014, London, Installation view

  • Glacier, 2013, Bloomberg SPACE in collaboration with South London Gallery, Installation View

  • Glacier, 2013, Bloomberg SPACE in collaboration with South London Gallery, Installation View

  • Discount Body Parts, 2012, De Hallen, Haarlem, The Netherlands, Installation View

  • Discount Body Parts, 2012, De Hallen, Haarlem, The Netherlands, Installation View

  • Discount Body Parts, 2012, De Hallen, Haarlem, The Netherlands, Installation View

  • Discount Body Parts, 2012, De Hallen, Haarlem, The Netherlands, Installation View

  • The Illusion of Democracy, 2012, Luhring Augustine Buswick, New York, Installation View

  • The Illusion of Democracy, 2012, Luhring Augustine Buswick, New York, Installation View

  • ( / + ), 2011, Vilma Gold, London, Installation View

  • ( / + ), 2011, Vilma Gold, London, Installation View

  • ( / + ), 2011, Vilma Gold, London, Installation View

  • Joints Array, 2011, New Museum, New York, Installation View

  • Joints Array, 2011, New Museum, New York, Installation View

  • Tornado Warning, 2008, Vilma Gold, London, Installation View

  • Tornado Warning, 2008, Vilma Gold, London, Installation View

  • Still from “Ex-Romance”, 1987, colour, sound, 48 Mins 22 Secs

    ‘Ex-Romance’ is a fictional story of a dance company. Atlas’ fascination with “narrative, psychology, dance, and flights of fantasy,” is manifested in this dynamic videodance musical. Here the postmodern choreography of Karole Armitage is performed by Armitage, Michael Clark and others to American pop and Latin music. The work traces choreographer Karole Armitage as she drifts in and out of three different romantic relationships while working with five dancers to create a piece. The dancers are seen socializing and rehearsing, as well as dancing in site- specific locations. The film is interspersed with a talk-show-style interview about the making of the film, featuring Dorothy Chiesa. Framed and interrupted by the ironic observations of two parodic “public television” commenta- tors, the dancers play fictionalized versions of themselves in a wry tale of contemporary romance, in which the dance literally and metaphorically advances the narrative. Here Atlas deftly stages elaborate dance sequences in unlikely settings — an airport lounge, a gas station, a baggage conveyor belt — that are presented alternately as fact and fantasy. The score here masks the sound of the dancers’ feet as they play on their approproated apparatus which imbued the film with an affecting sense of complete ease and fluidity; disarming the viewer to draw him into its fiction. Atlas manipulates the representation of truth and artifice, reality and fiction in this meta-narrative.

    Text from Electronic Arts Intermix

  • Still from “Nevada”, 1974, Super 8mm film transferred to 16mm film, 2 Mins 53 Secs (Loop)

    “From 1971 to 1974 when I was teaching myself to be a filmmaker I started by making super 8 films for reasons of simplicity and affordability. I used to carry my camera around with me and shoot at first mostly spontaneously and later my method became increasingly more thoughtful and planned. Most of my films involved relatively long takes or in camera editing. The little editing that I did was done with tape splices on the kitchen table. The film “Nevada” (1974) was a result of a single afternoon of shooting with my friend, dancer/choreographer Douglas Dunn who was a former Cunningham dancer and who worked with Yvonne Rainer and the Grand Union. I brought my camera, tripod and a single light to his loft on lower Broadway with the idea that we would shoot something. Neither of us had any preconceived notion of what it would be. As it turned out he had found a scrap of wood on the street the day before, and we decided that it would make a good prop to start with. It was shaped like the state of Nevada. So as I set up, he tried various ways of manipulating the plywood. His work at that time used elements of improvisation and was often task or object oriented. We worked for a while — he tried to determine an order for his actions and I tried different ways of framing and moving with the camera making suggestions about what worked and what didn’t. We each did a bit of adjustment to the other and came to a conclusion. These were the days before video so we didn’t see the result for about a week or so.”

    Charles Atlas, New York, September 2009

  • Still from “Nevada”, 1974, Super 8mm film transferred to 16mm film, 2 Mins 53 Secs (Loop)

  • Still from “Floor”, 1974, Super 8mm film transferred to 16mm film, 3 Mins 50 Secs

    ‘For “Floor” I was interested in the limits of the frame and the idea of what was “in” and what was “out” and working all the way to the edge. So I set up a particular frame that would allow for a play between flatness and depth, between representations of a partial body and a full body. Douglas’s task was to do the same sequence of movement both forward and backwards in time.

    Charles Atlas, New York, September 2009

  • Lives and works in New York

    1949Born in St. Louis, Missouri

    Solo Exhibitions

    2017Tesseract, Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Reiner, EMPAC Theatre, Troy NY

    2015The Waning of Justice, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH
    The Waning of Justice, Luring Augustine, NY

    2014You are My Sister (TURNING), Times Square, New York
    Alive from Off Center, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
    TURNING Film screening, Bushwick, New York
    Vilma Gold, London
    MC9, SALT Beyoglu, Istanbul
    TONSPUR 61 PASSAGE GALLERY, Tonspur, Vienna

    2013The Tank, Charles Atlas and Collaborators, Tate Modern
    Glacier, South London Gallery’s offsite exhibition at bloomberg SPACE
    Hail the New Puritan, (1985-86), screening, Roxy Theatre, San Francisco

    2012Joints 4tet Ensemble, University of Michigan Humanities Institute, MI
    Legend of Leigh Bowery, screening, University of Michigan, MI
    Charles Atlas, Luhring Augustine, New York
    De Hallen, Haarlem, The Netherlands
    Son of Sam + other short videos, screening, Dirty Looks, New York
    Torse, screening, Light Industry, New York

    2011Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Copenhagen
    Joints Array, New Museum, New York
    Charles Atlas and the New Humans, (2-person), South London Gallery, London
    ( / + ), Vilma Gold, London
    Ocean, screening, The Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York

    2010William Kentridge: Anything is Possible, screening, co-directed with Susan Sollins, MoMA, New York
    Charles Atlas/Michael Clarke, screening of ‘Torse’ (1977), Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London
    Ocean, screening, Walker Arts Centre, Minneapolis

    2009Festival D’Automne, Paris
    A video Tribute to Merce Cunningham, Baryshnikov Art Center, New York

    2008Tornado Warning, Vilma Gold, London
    Images Festival, Toronto

    2007Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel, (retrospective screenings)
    Cinematheque Francaise, Paris

    2006Instant Fame! , Vilma Gold Gallery, London
    Tate Modern, London, (retrospective screenings)
    New York Video Festival, Lincoln Center, New York

    2005Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston
    Performa ’05, New York

    2004Rubin Museum of Art, New York

    2003Shadow Festival 4, Amsterdam
    Participant, Inc., New York

    2002Kjubh, Cologne, Germany

    2000Magazin 4, Bregenz, Austria
    The Kitchen, New York

    1999Xavier La Boulbenne Gallery, New York

    1998Cinematheque Francaise, Paris, France

    1997Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

    1996Forum for Contemporary Art, St. Louis

    1995Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain

    1991Video Galleriet, Copenhagen, Denmark, (retrospective screenings)

    Group Exhibitions (selected)

    2017Merce Cunningham: Common Time, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL (upcoming)

    2016Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
    Tate Modern Switch House, London, UK
    Artistic Differences, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, England
    Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Strange and Charm, Art Sheffield 2016, Sheffield, UK
    Video Screening & Post-screening discussion with Yvonne Rainer, Dan Space, New York, US
    Video Screenings, Outview Queer Film Festival 2016, Kallithea, Greece
    Rheo Grande, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
    Spooky Action, Hessel Museum of Art, New York
    Video Screening, WeisAcres, New York, US

    2015Milwaukee Art Museum, Miwaukee, Wisconsin
    Greater New York, PS1, New York
    Strange Pilgrims, The Contemporary Austin, Austin
    In Part, Fondazione Prada, Milan
    A New Rhythm, Park View, Los Angeles

    2014Artists’ Film Biennial 2014: Dance Transmissions, London
    Marmalade Me at South London Gallery, London
    International Summer Festival 2014 at Kampnagel, Hamburg
    Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles
    Hudson Opera House and Second Wave Foundation, New York
    A Visão Incorporada at Museu Nacional De Arte Contemporânea Do Chiado, Lisbon
    10th Gwangju Biennale, Korea
    Rauschenberg Residency, Captiva, Florida
    #1: Cartagena: The First International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

    2013Hail the New Puritan, screening part of, This Must be the Place: Post-punk tribes 1983-1990, The Roxie Theater, San Francisco
    Hail the New Puritan, screening, The Wrong Wave Festival, Vancouver

    2012Effects & Affects: The Alphabet, curated by Tobias Madison and Martin Jaeggi, Fumetto Festival, Luzern, Switzerland
    The Piano Lesson, Vilma Gold, London
    Leigh Bowery, Kunsthalle, Vienna
    John Cage and... The visual Artist John Cage, Museum der Moderne, Monchsberg, Salzburg
    The Third Sculpture, Straat van Sculpturen, Amsterdam
    Dance Your Life, Pompidou, Paris
    Ocean, screening, Whitney Biennale, New York
    Michael Clark, screening, Whitney Biennale

    2011Everyday is a Good Day’, De la Warr Pavilion, East Sussex
    He Disappeared into Complete Silence’, (2-person), De Hallen Haarlem, The Netherlands
    Transaction Abstrait, New Galerie, Paris

    2010Today is not a Dress Rehearsal, SFMOMA live installation in collaboration with Mika Tajima/ New Humans, New York
    Dance With Camera, ICA Philadelphia and touring to Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
    Virtuoso Illusion: Cross Dressing and the New Media Avant Garde, MIT/LIST Visual Art Centre, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Albrecht Dürer Gessellschaft, Kunstverein Nürnberg, Nürnberg, Germany
    Recent Acquisitions, De Hallen Haarlem, The Netherlands
    Move: Choreographing You, Hayward Gallery, London
    Body/Space Mechanics, De Hallen Haarlem, The Netherlands
    100 years, (Version no.2, Nov 2009): 45 Years of Performance Video from EAI’,PS1, New York, touring to Garage ‘100 years, (Version no.2, Nov 2009): 45 Years of Performance Video from EAI’, PS1, New York, touring to Garage Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow
    Time Based Arts Festival, PICA, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland
    Nobody Gets to See the Wizard. Not Nobody. Not Nohow, Anna Kustera Gallery, New York
    The Inhabitants, Vilma Gold, London
    ShadowDance, Kade Kunsthale in Amersfoot, The Netherlands
    Supernature: An Exercise in Loads, AMP, Athens
    Dead Flowers, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia

    2009Dan Graham: Beyond, Whitney Museum, New York
    Merce Cunningham: Video Tribute, Video Project Space at X ‘FUSO’ Video Art Festival. Lisbon Festival Côté Court, Pantin
    All that is Solid Melts Into Air, MMMechelen, Mechelen, Belgium
    Timeline, Participant Inc., New York

    2008Looking at Music, MOMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York
    Leigh Bowery, Kunstverein Hannover
    Bailando Sin Salir de la Casa, Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City
    Storytelling, CRG Gallery New York
    The Skat Players, Vilma Gold Gallery, London
    panorámica-ciclo, Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City

    2007Lyon Biennale. Lyon, France
    Playback, ARC/Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris
    Cinema Cavern, PS1, New York
    The 80’s: A Tipology, Serralves Foundation, Porto, Portugal
    Tanzen, Sehen Museum fur Gegenwartskunst, Siegen, Germany
    Rock ‘n Roll Vol. 1, Norrköpings Museum of Art, Sweden

    2006International and National Projects, PS1, New York
    The Secret Public, The Last Days of the British Underground 1978-1988, Kunstverein, Munich
    SLAPstick, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Texas

    2005Useless Man, Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York

    2004One Channel Only, Storrs, The University of Connecticut

    2003Take a Bowery: The Art and (larger than) Life of Leigh Bowery, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia
    My People Were Fair and Had Cum in their Hair ...,Team Gallery, New York
    Phantom Of Desire, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria

    2002Cerebellum, Performance Space, Sydney, Australia
    Electric Dreams, The Curve, London, England
    Campy, Vampy, Tacky, La Criee, Rennes, France

    2000Open Ends, The Museum of Modern Art, New York
    Performing Bodies, Tate Modern, London, England
    Speed of Vision, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Connecticut

    1999Regarding Beauty, Hirshorn Museum, Washington, D.C.

    1995Klapstuk ‘95, Louvain, Belgium

    1994The Laugh of No, 12, Fort Asperen Foundation, Amsterdam, Holland

    19931993 Biennial Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

    19911991 Biennial Exhibition Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

    Public Collections

    MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York
    Centre Pompidou, Paris
    Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin

    Time Based Media Works (selected)

    2009CRISES. video Document. choreography Merce Cunningham.

    2008INTERSCAPE. video document. choreography Merce Cunningham

    2007Suite for Five, video document, choreography Merce Cunningham.
    Marc Jacobs Spring ’08, video installation, four-channel video work.

    2005You Are My Sister, music video for Antony and the Johnsons.
    Views on Video, video/dance. collaboration with Merce Cunningham.

    2004Magic City, U.S.A., TV documentary film.

    2003Instant Fame, installation, real-time video performance.

    2002Rainer Variations, video montage
    The Legend of Leigh Bowery, documentary feature film.

    2000Martha, Martha, Martha ... installation, five-channel video work.

    2000Melange, video/dance. collaboration with Merce Cunningham.
    Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance, TV documentary film.
    Oh, Misha, video/collage.

    1999Mrs. Peanut Visits New York, video short.
    Three Portraits, video installation. 3 video projections.

    1998Staten Island Sex Cult, video feature.

    1997 – 1999The “Martha” Tapes, video/collage. 12 videos.
    The Hanged One, mixed media installation. four multi-channel video works.

    1994Superhoney, video feature.

    1993Television Dance Atlas, 2 1/2 hour TV presentation.

    1992We Interrupt This Program. live TV broadcast.

    1991Son of Sam and Delilah, video short.

    1990Because We Must, TV video/dance. choreography, Michael Clark.

    1989SSS. collaboration with Marina Abramovic. video short.
    Put Blood in the Music, TV documentary film.

    1987As Seen on TV, TV comedy short. collaboration with Bill Irwin.

    1986Hail the New Puritan, TV mockumentary film.
    Ex-Romance. TV video/dance. choreography, Karole Armitage.

    1984Parafango, TV video/dance. choreography, Karole Armitage.

    1983Coast Zone. 16mm film/dance. collaboration with Merce Cunningham.
    Secret of the Waterfall, TV video/dance. collaboration with choreographer, Douglas Dunn and poets, Reed Bye, Anne Waldman.
    Times Five, for Merce. installation. five-channel video work.

    1982More Men. two-channel video work.

    1981Channels/Inserts, 16mm film/dance. collaboration with Cunningham.

    1980Roamin’ I. 16mm documentary short.

    1977Torse (Left Screen) and Torse (Right Screen). choreography, Merce Cunningham. 16mm film. two-screen work.

    1976Blue Studio: Five Segments. TV video/dance. collaboration with Merce Cunningham.

    1975Mayonnaise, Number One. 16mm film portrait

    Live Performance Work (selected)

    2016Horizon Events, a work by Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener featuring video by Charles Atlas, MoMA, PS1, Long Island City, NY, US

    2014Aubade, with Douglas Dunn & Dancers (music and musical direction by Steven Taylor), Montclair State, University, Montclair, NJ, US

    2012‘Turning’, in collaboration with Anthony Hegarty, Meltdown Festival, Southbank Centre, London Atlas/Basinski, Whitney Biennale, New York

    2011New Work, in collaboration with Michael Clark, Tate Modern, London Residency and live performance, New Museum, New York

    2010New Dance/theatre piece with live video in collaboration with Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Dublin, Ireland Live AV Tour with Christian Fennesz
    Live AV Performance with Sergei Tcherepnin
    Live performance and screening, Itau Cultural Institute, Sau Paulo, Brazil

    2009‘Today is not a Dress Rehearsal’, in collaboration with Mika Tajima & New Humans, San Francisco Museum of
    Modern Art

    2008Atlas / Licht. Live video performance in collaboration with Alan Licht, Images Festival, Toronto.

    2007Atlas / Fennesz. Live video performance in collaboration with Christian Fennesz. IMAX Theater, London,; Centre
    Pompidou, Paris; Volksbühne, Berlin.

    2006Toward the Delights of the Exquisite Corpse, Live video performance.
    Choreography by Richard Move. DTW, New York. The Intensity Police are Working My Last Gay Nerve II. Live video
    performance in collaboration with Chris Peck. Lincoln Center, NY.

    2004Turning, Live video performance in collaboration with Antony and the Johnsons. St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY.
    Glimpse, Video design and projection. Collaboration with choreographer Cesc Gelabert and composer, Carlos Miranda.
    Barcelona, Spain.

    2003Muscle Shoals, Live video performance and costume design. Collaboration with choreographer Douglas Dunn and
    composer Steve Lacy. Theatre de la Bastille, Paris, and Danspace, NYC.

    2000Pastforward, Video projectIons (introduction and interstital sequences). White Oak Dance Project. Brooklyn Academy
    of Music.

    1994Delusional, Multi-media performance/theater work in two acts. Collaboration with Marina Abramovic. Co-produced by
    Theater Am Turm (Frankfurt), Munty Theater (Antwerp), and Consort (Amsterdam).

    1988S & D, Multi-media performance/theater work in three acts. Collaboration with John Kelly, David Linton and Diane
    Martel. The Kitchen, New York City.

    1982Slaughter on Macdougal Street, Set, costume, and lighting design. The Paris Opera Ballet, Paris, France. Karole
    Armitage, choreography

    Selected Awards and Grants

    2011Critical Path, residency, Sydney, Australia

    2008Peabody Award for Art: 21(Power), PBS TV series, Director

    2006Foundation for Contemporary Art Biennial John Cage Award

    2003Melbourne Queer Film Festival,
    Best Documentary for “The Legend of Leigh Bowery”

    2000Dance Screen 2000, Best Documentary for “Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance”

    1998New York Dance and Performance Award [“Bessie”], for The “Martha” Tapes

    1988John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship

    1987New York Dance and Performance Award [“Bessie”], for sustained achievement in video

    1987New York Dance and Performance Award [“Bessie”], for costume design

    1985France Ministry of Culture, 1st prize for VideoDance

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